Hazen Construction continues to meet the needs of it’s clients. Where it is replacing a deck, a bathroom or kitchen remodel, or complete new house or remodel; we will design and complete each project with same same care and attention no matter what the size. We are currently remodeling three custom beach town houses in Pajaro Dunes Resort. These home are on the beach and feature all new custom designed kitchens and bathrooms. We are also remodeling a beach home in Pajaro Dunes that includes new decks, stairs, bathrooms and kitchen.

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New House on Pasatiempo Drive

Santa Cruz, CA

A complete new home build from the ground up on Pasatiempo Drive in Santa Cruz.

Pajaro Dunes House Remodel

Pajaro Dunes, CA

A three story house remodel in Pajaro Dunes. It was partially a remodel and about a thousand square foot addition which included an elevator. The interior was completely remodeled with four new bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Martin Drive House Remodel

Aptos, CA

A remodel and addition on Martin Drive in Aptos. We removed the carport and driveway and added on a two car garage, master bedroom and master bath. We removed all of the interior finished including drywall and installed all new plumbing, electrical and heating. We installed a full new kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, etc.

Mesa Way Deck

Aptos, CA

A new cantilever deck on Mesa Way in State Park. This project was difficult because of the support that needed to be constructed for the cantilever deck. The four large beams had to be cut into the existing bedrooms and attached to the walls.

Pool Entertainment Canopy

Scotts Valley, CA

This is in Scotts Valley. It was a full timber structure that had to be drilled into the limestone about 5 ft. It was challenging in respect to timber connections that needed to be concealed and or decorative.

Deanza Mobile Home Park House Renovation

Santa Cruz, CA

A complete remodel of a manufactures home in Deanza Mobile home park. We removed a number of the existing walls in the home to make it more open. To o do that there was a considerable amount of engineering and structural work from the foundation through the ceiling. Manufactured homes are not designed for conventional framing and drywall. We installed steel metal posts and a number of steel ceiling joist to hold the weight of the light weight drywall.

West Scotts Valley Home

Scotts Valley, CA

This over 3,000 s.f. home burned to the foundation in 2005 and Hazen Construction helped redesign and rebuild the project in 2006- 2007.

Mordyke Scotts Valley Home

Scotts Valley, CA

This spacious 3,000 s.f. home was built in 2007/ 2008 on a sandy hillside and needed some unique foundation supports to complete. It includes a spacious great room, built in spa/ sauna in the master bathroom.

Lave Beach Home

Santa Cruz, CA

This three story 3,000 s.f. home designed by William Kemph Architect and built in 2010/ 2011 has a 180 degree view of the bay and fetchers an elevator.

Morgan Scotts Valley Home

Scotts Valley, CA

This 7,000 s.f home designed by William Kemp Architect built in 2010/ 2011has many custom features including great room custom trusses built by Hazen Construction, all douglas fir vertical grain ceilings and trim, custom wood garage door built by Hazen Construction and state of the art kitchen and baths.

Deanza Park Clubhouse

Santa Cruz, CA

The 7,000 s.f. clubhouse adjacent to Naturla Bridges Park was completely remodeled in three phases by our team starting in 2007 and completed in 2010. It includes new lounge and library upstairs and new hot tub, sauna, bathrooms and excursive facility downstairs.

Custom Projects

This is a sample of opportunities some of our clients have given our team to show their craftsmanship and creativity to enhance their specific projects. We have built a wandering bench that is also a retainer wall, dry sauna, hand crafted trusses for a great room, hand built custom garage doors, intricate detailed support columns, and many more.

Pajaro Dunes House

Watsonville, CA

Scotts Valley Barn

Scotts Valley, CA