Steve Hazen


“I take satisfaction in leaving a building legacy to pass down to the next generation. From new residential construction and remodel to commercial building, thereʼs nothing thatʼs outside my realm of project capabilities. Thereʼs nothing that scares me.”

Building projects are Steve Hazenʼs passion. Thatʼs why even though heʼs the company president, you can often find him onsite at a job. To Steve, there is nothing more rewarding than implementing a project from design through the permitting process, building phase and finally adding the finishing touches that bring a clientʼs vision to life.

After 40 years in the construction business, Steve has built a strong rapport with local planning and permitting teams, as well as the best subcontractors that the Monterey Bay Area has to offer. These relationships that heʼs established based on his integrity, work ethic and reputation for excellence help to facilitate the project to run seamlessly, on-schedule and within budget.

Because Steve treats each construction project as though it were his own, he makes himself easily accessible to his clients. In fact, a frequent compliment that clients have given Steve is how much they appreciate that he really pays attention to their needs and concerns. If he puts his name on a project, it comes with the guarantee of his criterion for excellence.

Debbie Hazen

Office Administrator

“While other people might cut corners, Hazen Construction doesnʼt do it that way. When your name has been on something for 30 years, you stand solid behind it.”

Since Steve and his dad went into business, Debbie has been the finely tuned machine that runs the company behind the scenes. She takes care of the books, pays the bills and makes sure that all the financial statements are balanced each month. She is dedicated to operating the family business and there is nothing sheʼd rather do than stand behind the reputable name that her father-in-law and husband—and now son and son-in-law—have worked so tirelessly to build.

Debbie says that the secret to Hazenʼs success has come directly from the fact that they are a long-standing family business. Home owners feel comfortable that they can trust another family to build the home of their dreams, while at the same time commercial business owners and developers feel confident that theyʼve chosen a construction company with years of solid, reputable experience to carry their projects through on-time and on-budget. The number one compliment she receives from clients is how well Hazenʼs team works together to get the job done.

Jeff Hazen

Senior Project Manager

“We really do enjoy what we do—and this means we take a lot of pride in the quality of our projects. If there is a decision to make between the quality of a job or a larger profit margin, weʼre going to choose quality every time.”

Jeff has inherited the passion for building from his father and grandfather, and thatʼs why the third-generation carpenter has decided to carry on the legacy of building excellence that began at Hazen Construction. He started working for his father during high school summer vacations and quickly developed a skill for building. After working for various contractors in Southern California, gaining valuable experience ranging from painting and masonry to electrical work, he decided to return home to his roots in Santa Cruz County to join the family business and pursue his true passion of building.

Today, Jeff is the Senior Project Manager, which means he is onsite at the job, coordinating all aspects of the project from hiring and scheduling to ordering materials, overseeing of subcontractors and generally keeping all phases of the project running smoothly and according to schedule. Thereʼs nothing Jeff enjoys more than sharing a clientʼs vision for a project and then finding a way to make it come to fruition.